Our Approach To Building In A Changing Market

September 01, 2023

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Alana McNab

In an ever-evolving market and construction landscape, the team at Anchor Homes recognises the importance of addressing the concerns and questions of prospective clients head-on.

To shed light on these matters, Anchor Homes' Managing Director, Lester Raikes, sat down to answer some of the questions that have been raised by individuals considering building a home amidst the current market changes. This video aims to provide valuable insights and transparency, giving clients a clear understanding of Anchor Homes' position, processes, and strengths.

Addressing the key topicsAddressing key topics in the building industry

Financial Stability

One of the primary concerns voiced by potential clients revolves around the financial health of construction companies, given recent reports of builders facing liquidation. Lester Raikes addresses this by acknowledging the industry-wide challenge of rising construction costs exceeding inflation rates, leading to financial strain for some builders.

He goes on to explain Anchor Homes' distinctive approach—instead of locking in prices early on, Anchor Homes engages clients in a pre-construction documentation phase. This process ensures that Anchor Homes aligns its pricing with the current cost of building, offering clients more certainty and the company a financially secure position.

Balancing Price Risk

While Anchor Homes' method places some responsibility on homeowners to bear the risk of price fluctuations, Lester highlights that this approach is a far more favourable alternative compared to the potential fallout of builder liquidation. It's a calculated choice to protect clients from more severe repercussions down the line.

Minimising Material Price Risk

Lester elaborates on Anchor Homes' strategy to mitigate the risk of material price hikes. Upon contract signing, Anchor Homes secure the materials for your project at the estimated price and stores them in their factory space. This proactive approach, aided by modular building techniques, helps reduce risk exposure for both the company and clients.

Sustained Price Trends

The discussion also touches upon the cost of building in the current climate. Lester explains that while costs continue to rise, they are now more in line with standard inflation rates. Anchor Homes anticipates a plateauing effect rather than a significant drop in prices, reflecting the evolving stability in the market.

Considering Interest Rates

Interest rates also play a pivotal role in clients' decision-making. Lester suggests that as interest rates normalise, clients should incorporate them into their considerations. While the future of interest rates remains uncertain, factoring them into building decisions is a sensible step.

Seizing the Opportunity

When asked if whether now is a favourable time to build, Lester responds with an affirmative, even revealing that he has started working on his own project for his new family home. He cites the resilience of individuals who understand the housing shortage and the importance of securing their dream homes now, regardless of economic fluctuations.

Our experienced team at Anchor Homes are always on hand to help clients tailor solutions to align with their budgets and aspirations.

Building Confidence Through Experience and Expertise

Anchor Homes' strength as a company lies in its years of industry experience and its commitment to transparent, client-centric processes. With a reputation for delivering quality modular homes, Anchor Homes stands apart as a company that has navigated market shifts while maintaining strong financial stability. The numerous testimonials from satisfied clients serve as a testament to our dedication and success.

The Path Forward

Anchor Homes teamAs the market evolves and questions arise, Anchor Homes remains a reliable partner for those embarking on the journey of building a modular home. With a firm grip on industry dynamics, a commitment to quality, and a customer-first approach, Anchor Homes is poised to guide clients through uncertain times.

If you seek more information about the insights shared in this blog or wish to explore the possibility of building your dream modular home, don't hesitate to contact our team. Your vision is their priority, and together, you can navigate the dynamic landscape of home construction with confidence.

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