You're probably already well aware of some of the benefits of modular home building

But how much do you know about the actual process?

In this article we're going to give you a guided tour of the Anchor Homes process by showcasing a recent project we completed for our client Stephen from Bowral, NSW.

A few details about this project:

  • Location: Bowral, NSW (approximately 670kms from our Stratford Head Office and factory)
  • Design: Tambo 3-bedroom modular home
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2 (including ensuite)
  • Facade: Cubehaus
  • Build time: 9 weeks in the factory; 6 weeks on-site.
  • Interesting facts: Transportation of the home took place over two days and consisted of 2 modules and the decks. Because of the limited access onsite, a crane was used to position the home. 

Check out the photos below of the project coming together step by step...


1---base-stage-wall-frames.jpgHere's our team laying the foundation for the home. 

2---frame-stage-wall-frames-and-trusses-on.jpgWithin a couple of weeks the frame takes shape. The fact we can do all this in a purpose-built factory and not on site with varying conditions mean we can do this very quickly and efficiently. 

3---lock-up-stage-windows-doors--insulation-installed.jpgInsulation and windows are installed. Great care is taken with both the planning and implementation of this step, which is why so many of our homes achieve a 6 or 7 star energy rating. 

4---lock-up-stage-weathertex--timber-cladding-installed.jpgNow the home is at lock-up stage, including exterior cladding and the optional decking area - all manufactured at our Stratford facility and ready to transport to Stephen's property 670kms away. 

5----lock-up-stage-weathertex--timber-cladding-installed.jpgHere the house is at the lock-up stage, which means the exterior is now complete.

6---Move-day-loading-the-first-module-onto-truck.jpgMove day! The first module is loaded onto the truck for its long journey north. 

7_-_Move_day_second_module_loaded_and_ready_for_transport.jpgHere's the second of the two modules being loaded onto the truck. 

8---Move-day-away-they-go-leaving-the-Anchor-Homes-factory.jpgAway they go! We're always sad to see our hard work roll away down the road, but at the same time we're happy to know that one of our customers will soon be moving into the home of their dreams!

9---Move-day-arriving-to-site-for-installation.jpgHere are the trucks arriving at the site in Bowral, ready for installation. 

11---Installation-lifting-module-1-onto-footings.jpgHere is the first module being lifted into position.  

12_-_Installation_lifting_module_2_onto_footings.JPG.jpgAnd here's the second module being lifted onto its footings.

13---Installation-placing-modules-into-exact-position.jpgCare is taken when moving the modules into their exact position to ensure the home is stable and secure. 

14_-_The_finished_product.jpgAnd here's the finished product! Complete with Stephen's amazing landscaping.  


Here's what Stephen had to say about the whole experience:

"Anchor Homes built a home for me at their factory in Stratford Victoria and transported it to my land in Bowral NSW, they arranged connection of services built a carport and garden shed and finished all work ready for occupation.

The house was based on their Tambo design, they customised the design to my requirements, the end result is better than I expected, any issues were dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

They quickly determined the style I preferred and made excellent suggestions, nearing completion the positioning of the house on the land had to be altered due to the Surveyor making an unexpected change, what was a very stressful point in the process was resolved with the minimum of fuss. I was updated each week with a report and images of the build, something that I particularly enjoyed. I would use Anchor Homes again." 



What do you think? Is the modular building process right for you? Share your thoughts, opinions, and questions in the comment section below or on our Facebook page


Written by
Laurie Raikes

Project Consultant at Anchor Homes

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