3 Things You Didn’t Know About Transporting a Modular Home

January 13, 2023

Written by

Laurie Raikes

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One of the unique things about modular construction is the process behind transporting our newly built homes to site. It certainly turns heads when our convoy drives past with one of our beautiful designs on board, en route to site!

We get lots of questions about the logistics behind transporting such precious and large cargo by road, to the many urban and remote destinations across Victoria and Southern New South Wales that we deliver to every year.

Of course, much planning and preparation is required, and our expert team executes the delivery and installation of every home with absolute precision and care. So, to give you an insight into how it is done, in this article we share three things you didn’t know about transporting a modular home.

#1: Modular homes are built tough 

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With floor frames structurally engineered and welded for maximum strength, all of our modular homes are built extra tough, so they are ready to hit the road. The superior structural stability of our homes not only allows them to be safely lifted on and off the truck without damage, it also means your new home is incredibly durable and will stand the test of time.

#2: Modular homes travel a carefully planned pathTransporting a Modular Home 3

Before we can get on the road with your new home the route to site must be carefully planned. The size of the load requires a permit, and we must travel with a pilot vehicle on the over-dimensional truck route. If we are travelling through congested areas, conditions of the permit may specify we need to travel at certain times of the day to avoid traffic. Our experienced drivers and road crew expertly navigate the roads, day or night, whether they are in busy urban areas or distant remote locations.

#3: Modular homes can be installed almost anywhere

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From tight access in built up areas to sloping sites off the beaten track, your new modular home can be installed almost anywhere within our area of service, covering Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

Once your home arrives on site, it is installed onto the footings that have been prepared by the on-site crew. Most of the time there is enough access for our trucks to drive right up to the building site and unload your new home with the hydraulic jack. While for land with limited access, projects on sloping blocks and for two-storey designs, a crane is used to perfectly position the home.

Talk to our team about modular home transport today

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With the cost of transportation included in the base price, and our experienced team ready to offer advice and guidance, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to transporting your modular home from the start. As you can see, we deliver to a huge variety of rural and urban sites across our service area of Victoria and Southern New South Wales, so talk to us today to find out how we can transport your brand new home directly to you.

If you have a question about the transportation of our modular homes, post a comment below and we’ll respond soon, or contact our team for expert advice on your project.

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