Best Modular Homes for a Block With a View

September 08, 2017

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Laurie Raikes

4 of the Best Modular Home Designs to Build on a Block with a View.jpgIf you’re lucky enough to own a block of land in a beautiful location, you’ll want to take full advantage of the surrounding views.

Whether your outlook is the beach, bush, valleys, or mountains, finding a house design that makes the most of the scenery is a must.

But building a home that captures your view doesn’t happen by chance – it’s all about a well-chosen design.

The best design will showcase your views from the areas you frequent the most, like your living area, kitchen and bedrooms, and should also include spaces both inside and out where you can enjoy it.

Here, we’ve picked four of our best modular homes that do exactly that.

The Redcliffe


The simple yet stylish Redcliffe modular home is the ideal choice for a holiday house or small family residence on a block with a view.

The linear design features large windows throughout, which brings in plenty of natural light, passive heating and of course, gives you access to the stunning outlook from almost every room.

The two bedrooms are situated at either end of the house for added privacy. Both include large windows at the front and a large glass sliding door on the side that provides a different outlook and access onto the 1.8m optional deck.

The large open-plan living, meals and kitchen area is located in the heart of the home and features two large floor-to-ceiling windows at the front and glass sliding doors at the back, giving you access to the optional 2.4m rear deck.

The addition of the front and rear decks also provides valuable outdoor space to relax and take in the views from every angle. the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Redcliffe allows you to enjoy the surrounding scenery to the fullest. For the base price of this design please download our current pricing list for the most up to date information.

The Suburban


Our Suburban modular home features two bedrooms and packs a lot into its compact design.

Like the Redcliffe, the Suburban’s bedrooms are located at either end of the house for privacy. Both also have sliding door access to the optional front deck where you can take in the views, and highlight windows that provide extra natural light.

The central living space also features highlight windows and sliding door access to the deck, which makes it an ideal home for enjoying the views from both inside and out.

The kitchen is located on the back wall to maximise space and includes a window splashback that looks out over the back of the property too.

The Suburban is one of our most popular homes – and if you’re looking for a compact design that will maximise your views, it’s hard to beat. For the base price of this design please download our current pricing list for the most up to date information.

The Hampton 16


If you need a larger home with plenty of windows to capture your gorgeous views, the Hampton 16 is a great choice.

Ideal as a functional family home or as a relaxing holiday rental, the design makes the most of the available space, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large centrally located living area.

The addition of picture windows in both the master bedroom and lounge makes quite an impact, especially when overlooking areas of natural beauty.

The full-sized sliding door in the lounge provides access to the optional front deck, and offers another opportunity to appreciate the views as you relax or enjoy a meal.

The Hampton 16 can be altered to suit your block – for example, moving or increasing the size of the windows or extending the deck.

It’s a stunning family home that offers ample opportunity to appreciate your surrounds. For the base price of this design please download our current pricing list for the most up to date information.

The Tambo 15


There’s a lot to like about the Tambo 15 – it’s spacious, with 3+1 bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is perfectly designed to provide both privacy and ample shared space for the larger family.

But the highlight is the abundance of windows on all sides of the house which bring in lots of natural light and provide stunning views from every angle.

The three glass double doors in the lounge give you access to the optional front deck and you can opt to replace them with bi-fold doors too.

The spacious living zone is a standout feature of the home and when combined with a beautiful view it goes up a level giving you the perfect place to relax with family or entertain friends.

Is a great design choice for a property with views from all angles. For the base price of this design please download our current pricing list for the most up to date information.

Final Word

When you find the perfect block, you want a house design that will both blend in to the surrounds and highlight the best features. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view, make sure you build a home that allows you to enjoy it.

The above four designs are all ideal – but any of our modular home designs can be altered or customised to best capture the beauty of your block.

Our team can offer site-specific advice to ensure your new home not only meets all your family’s needs, but it also maximises the enjoyment of your views with a smart design choice.

Over to You

Are you looking for the perfect design to capture the stunning views on your property? We’d love to help! Post your questions below and our team can offer expert advice.


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